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esiLaw, a law firm practice management software solution by Dye & Durham, is the #1 choice for thousands of legal professionals across Canada. Being tasked with a redesign of their marketing website was a serious undertaking. When Dye & Durham reached out to us, our team was eager to dive into the challenge to re-ignite and stir up excitement about their legal SaaS solution.

Some key pages included a product comparison that lets potential customers compare key features and details, as well as encouraging existing customers to upgrade to their newly updated software. Also, the online experience needed to be elevated, in order to help customers instantly recognize and identify the company’s image and product.




The goal was to redesign a mobile friendly site which captures the bold spirit that fuels their product and empowers their customers. It was essential that the new website reflected their “top-dog” status very well, with on-point messaging and design to trump their competition.



As a starting point, with careful consideration and research, we provided initial design concepts to establish a visual direction which reflected the brand and goal. Then we touched on content, high fidelity mockups, architecture planning and finally, put it all together with web development.



An exciting and modern site was brought to life with the right mix of boldness and experience that showcases the brand’s professionalism and dedication to top tier legal software functionality. A fully custom Wordpress development for on-site management along with new features, coupled with a responsive website design to provide visitors an informative and appealing experience.

Final Note

Dye & Durham’s esiLaw software solution continues to attain success online on a national level, providing legal professionals with practice management and accounting software solutions.

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